Solar Canopy / Shelter

We have teamed up with the leading solar experts to offer our customers the highest quality solar canopies that will generate maximum solar power and will last for many years to come. Enabling you to earn back the money that the canopy originally cost you and more!

Investing in a solar canopy demonstrates dedication and support to renewable energy, sending a very positive message to your visitors about the use of eco-friendly solar energy to minimise your impact on the environment.

What are the Benefits of investing in a "solar canopy / shelter"?

The canopy will pay for itself - Leaving you with a canopy that essentially becomes free over the years.

Reduce electricity bills - Generated electricity is then used for free or exported and sold back to the electricity company.

Cost effective way to purchase a canopy - Creat attractive shade and shelter in your outside area whilst generating free energy from any leftover energy you don't use.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint - Save on electricity bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint and protect yourself from rising energy prices.

30 Years Guarantee - The solar panels are supplied with a 30 year linear performance guarantees.

High Quality Solar Panels - The heat strengthened dual-glass design enables lower degradation rates and higher annual and lifetime energy produvtion.

Available models we offer:

Solar Panels on the Awnings

We also work with local professional awning contractor who specializes in the installation of quality shades and roofing solutions. Our experts will advise the best solutions for your home or property. Your awning can be formed into various shapes with high-quality fabric to cater to your design aesthetic. Then We will put solar panels onto your awning.