Grid-tied Solar Power Systems

How does a "Grid-tied Solar Power System" work?

Grid-tied solar power systems do not require batteries. The energy produced by the solar panels passes through an inverter (inverters), to your electrical panel and then back into the energy grid. The inverter is often described as the heart of a solar power system. That's why we only recommend and built our systems with high quality inverters that look and perform better (97% efficiency) than ‘off the rack’ cheaper products. After all, higher efficiency means higher performance (more energy) which over the life expectancy of your system can make a real difference to total energy production.

What are the Benefits of a "Grid-tie Solar Power System"?

The grid-tied system is more cost-efficient than other solar systems. Because instead of having to buy a battery backup system, or building a solar system for off-grid purposes, the utility company acts as your battery backup, alleviating the cost of purchasing a back up system. And saving you money each month through any excess energy you give back to the utility company.

Saving money on your electric bill is more possible than ever using a grid-tied system, plus the cost to install a grid-tied system is the cheapest option available when looking at ways to utilize solar energy and power.

Another benefit to having a grid-tied system is that, because you are still connected to the utility company, if there were to be a lot of dark, rainy days in a row, you wouldn’t be without power because you would still be able to use energy from the utility company, versus having to rely solely on solar energy or a battery back up system.

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